What about a Naked dandy for Christmas!

It all started with something given to me by Qingfiber, a beautiful yarn with breath taking colours. I don’t know how many time I was just seating looking at the colours, their intricacy, their vibrancy. The yarn was calling to be knitted entirely! then I found this pretty pattern by Julieknitsinparis ,the Naked dandy and  I thought that would be the best canvas for the yarn !

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Purlbee + Elfin hats = 100% cuteness

The Purl bee by Purl Soho is like a magic space and beautiful piece of creativity inspiring on the internet, I wish I were in NY just so I can visit the shop in flesh. When they realeased the free pattern elfin hat pattern, I knew that it will be on my double pointed ninja needle very quickly, which it did !



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Sweet lucky diner pillow

I signed up to the lucky dip club not long ago. The concept of  receiving a surprised little parcel each month with different lovely themes is just too tempting. The October box was the lucky Dinner box . It was  a homage to retro diners food: cheesy pizza, salty greasy hot dogs and sweet lovely donuts. The cheery on top of the knickerbocker glory was that you had a golden donut necklace ! you should have a look here to see how pretty it is !

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Shibori made my pillow dye

Shibori is a Japanese technique to dye materials, the concept is simple but to excel in it, it is another level, reallySo if you like to press, stitch, fold and twist materials and magic then the Shibori methods of dying are for you! I found a pretty simple little tutorial about the Shibori methods here.   

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The Bento bag

I came across on Pinterest a lovely bento bag to store your wool or project. I thought; what a cute idea! what about making my own one (Because I do not have enough project)! Continue reading