Askews me by Westknits

In the last post you would have not have any idea on how big and crazy the shawl really is. I took some pictures of the finished object even though that day was horrible. Now the shawl is on its way to my lovely mum who I am pretty sure will wear it everyday of winter!

photo 2

Here is my lovely mum with master Knitter Stephen West ! once a year loisivethe organises three workshops with Westknits and according to my mum, they are very fun and you learn a lot! here she is knitting a necklace ! photo by @loisivethe (follow them and you will know all about yummy yarns, amazing workshops in Paris and tea of course :) )

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The story of a little giveaway

I organised a mini giveaway at the end of February and I was meant to tell everyone who was the lucky winner on the 6th of March, so 8 days later I am finally writing the mini story of the little giveaway. First I would like to say thank you to all of you who left lovely comments on both my instagram and my little blog . THANKS :)!!!!!

photo 1

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In the search of the perfect bento bag patterns

Lately, I have been obsessed with two things; First, I have been obsessed with bento bags. They are pretty, convenient and perfect project bags. After buying one from Fringe supply and made by Ambatalia I was thinking of making some myself which will give me great freedom in the conception of the bag. My second obsession is beautiful fabrics from Australian designers using Aborigines drawing techniques printed by M & S textile Australia. The fabrics are bright, alive and inspiring. You can buy these at Morris and Sons however I could not find them on their website so it looks like that you have to go to the shop to get these pretty fabrics.

PS: At the end of this post there is a Giveaway !

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Bonjour 2015

2014 is gone and to be honest I am glad it is :0) I am ready for a new year of learning, creating and sharing. The reality is that we live but one day we go and the “we go” is not as great as we live. So instead of being stuck in blackness and negativity, it is better to make life a fun ride ! right?! follow the thread and knit the happiness up !


Beautiful illustration by Dan Page

So for 2015, I would like to finish what I started, the crazy projects at work as well as the knitting ones. So my knitting list for 2015 is:

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Purlbee + Elfin hats = 100% cuteness

The Purl bee by Purl Soho is like a magic space and beautiful piece of creativity inspiring on the internet, I wish I were in NY just so I can visit the shop in flesh. When they realeased the free pattern elfin hat pattern, I knew that it will be on my double pointed ninja needle very quickly, which it did !



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Fibre lover portrait #3

Today, I am happy to introduce S from Tales of twisted fibers, the creator of Ivy, the clever crocheter behind the infamous free Batman pattern (visitors favourite pattern on Amigurumipatterns), the designer behind Foxy O’Neal  and Miss Kitty Catty  featured in the amazing pattern book Animals at work , the bee girl was top ten on the list of  fun features from dream to reality #69 on DIY dreamer web site.

Even though, I have never met S in person, discussing with her through emails, I could tell that she is indeed a passionate fibre crafter, she put a lot of work on putting patterns together. I worked with S on the Ivy pattern and I was very impressed on how thorough the explanations were (step by step pictures on tricky parts).  S has been crocheting for only 2.5 years and her work is outstanding and inspiring. I am happy to share with you her work and world!

Little warning: There is a PA content doll in this blog post !  so only grownups are allowed to click continue reading ! sorry guys!! 

©Tales of Twisted Fibers. All rights reserved.

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Morrígan free pattern from Hedgehogfibers

Yes I made it ! my non-selfish knitting is cast off, blocked and beautiful! Thanks Hedgehogfibers for this amazing free pattern. Morrígan is a charted shawl with 3 charts: setup, repeat and edging. The pattern called for 4 repeats. I used the beautiful silk/merino lace weight yarn Implode by hedgehogfibers (700m/100g), a needle gauge of 3.75. I changed to wooden needle as the metal needle did not work. It is a very slippery business knitting lace with metal needles.

         Warning: if using metal needle when knitting lacy things, it can end up in tears ! so my advise use wooden needles. 
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