Fiber lover portait #4

Hello everyone ! It has been a long time, life caught me and squeezed me hard, I recovered and now here I am. today, I want to present you a new, noteworthy, talented knitter who I encounter on the famous ravelry, Clare Divine aka Knitsforklipskaap. Clare is a bright lady with a handful of beautiful patterns under her sleeve. She lives her passion of the thread 100% and you can read her wise words and see her beautiful blog here. I was lucky to snatch a bit of her time with my little questionnaire and here is a mini trip into the knitted life of Clare. I hope you will enjoy the voyage as much as I did. Continue reading


Bonjour 2015

2014 is gone and to be honest I am glad it is :0) I am ready for a new year of learning, creating and sharing. The reality is that we live but one day we go and the “we go” is not as great as we live. So instead of being stuck in blackness and negativity, it is better to make life a fun ride ! right?! follow the thread and knit the happiness up !


Beautiful illustration by Dan Page

So for 2015, I would like to finish what I started, the crazy projects at work as well as the knitting ones. So my knitting list for 2015 is:

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New Zealand mon amour

For the festive time we headed over New Zealand, the land on which my husband was born. New Zealand is fresh and lush, it is a country where the air tickles your nose for adventure, laughter and great coffee!


Gisborne is going to cry very soon !

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Words board #2

I decided to make another word board and I think it will be a monthly habit from now on :) it is again quotes I found and pin over the year.



From left to right, top to bottom then last middle

A) if you feel that way just think that it is the best place to be ! enjoy the unicity of your YOU

B) True so True so very True

C) Let go the bad, let go the grumpiness, let go the crankiness, let go …. yes, but man! it is soooo hard to do!!! :)

D) I think, therefore I am by Descartes this is very true but I make therefore I am is also true ! you should read the “most human human” by Brain Christian!

E) AH ! this one ! I am a new mum and I have to say that it is the hardest job on the planet (nobody will change my mind on that). I am a scientist and I love my job, I have a career and I want to keep it up. It is a lot of work and commitment but nothing like being a mum. NO. There are days when I forgot to eat, to change my top and sometimes I am just not interested, even through this feeling I always tried to keep this quote in my head so I don’t fall in a spiral of forgetting myself.

Finally F) The middle quote: A good way of finishing this word board, it is very hard to stay positive when so many baddies are falling on you! BUT you have to keep track of the positive thread, you have to hold it tight as you can not stay in the dark forever. As plain darkness is not possible when your alive …. smile look around you there is beauty in small things, and look, you are not alone

Happy knitting as knitting is therapeutic ! or happy making.