The story of a little giveaway

I organised a mini giveaway at the end of February and I was meant to tell everyone who was the lucky winner on the 6th of March, so 8 days later I am finally writing the mini story of the little giveaway. First I would like to say thank you to all of you who left lovely comments on both my instagram and my little blog . THANKS :)!!!!!

photo 1

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In the search of the perfect bento bag patterns

Lately, I have been obsessed with two things; First, I have been obsessed with bento bags. They are pretty, convenient and perfect project bags. After buying one from Fringe supply and made by Ambatalia I was thinking of making some myself which will give me great freedom in the conception of the bag. My second obsession is beautiful fabrics from Australian designers using Aborigines drawing techniques printed by M & S textile Australia. The fabrics are bright, alive and inspiring. You can buy these at Morris and Sons however I could not find them on their website so it looks like that you have to go to the shop to get these pretty fabrics.

PS: At the end of this post there is a Giveaway !

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Yarn oh dear yarn why are you so pretty

Yes, why are you so pretty?

The colours, the textures the everything make them so attractive ! yesterday it was my 37th birthday and I received lovely yarns from my lovely G ! I thought oh my lovely G! what an amazing idea, it will not help my too many projects problem….. BUT it was the best feeling ever to add other colours to my collection, and other projects to my growing list! Continue reading

The Bento bag

I came across on Pinterest a lovely bento bag to store your wool or project. I thought; what a cute idea! what about making my own one (Because I do not have enough project)! Continue reading